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Family Bed Vol. 2 – Headboard DIY

10. May 2011

So, here it is: the DIY-tutorial for building your own headboard.
It actually is not tooooo complicated. A bit time-consuming, but with a little bit of space, time, endurance and the right tools everyone can do it!
First of all you need an idea of how you want your headboard to look like. I recommend a draft drawn to scale, showing all dimensions.
That is a) important for planning the material you need to purchase and b) the only guarantee that everything will fit in the end.
There were a few fix dimensions I had to consider, when designing our headboard:
a) The bed width (300cm)
b) The total height of the headboard (120cm and respectively 110cm because of the mattress overlap)
c) The height of the headboard on the outsides (60cm and respectively 50cm because of the mattress overlap)
In fact, I wanted to build a headboard that was even higher, but I was limited to the width of the fabric that was 145cm by default.

Just try to play a little bit with the proportions of your headboard on paper. Don’t start doing anything until you fall in love with your sketches :-)
When you are ready determining the form of the headboard, it’s time to sketch in the positions of the buttons.
We went for 5 button rows spaced at intervals of 20 cm. The space between the buttons was also 20cm.
Be sure to arrange the buttons staggered to the rows above and beyond.
When all the buttons are sketched in, you finally need to count them. We totalled 53 buttons.
So let’s get to our purchase list then (I put the amount of things we used in brackets, you can adapt them to your needs):

upholstery buttons (53 pieces)
upholstery fabric (145cm wide, 400cm long)
upholstery wadding
foam boards 5cm RG25 (2 sheets 120cm x 200cm)
MDF board for the backbone (we went for four pieces [16mm], since there were no 300cm x 120cm wide panels. This would have been a bit difficult to transport, as well.

headboard DIY layers

headboard DIY needle and threadFurthermore:

simple but stable plastic buttons
a long, looooooong needle (ours was 9cm and still too short)
tearproof yarn
perforated panels and self-tapping screws to connect the MDF boards (on both sides!)
metal rail for wall holdfast
tarpaulin (to protect the fabric)
sand paper
double-faced adhesive tape

and the following tools are needed:

drilling machine
cordless screwdriver
sewing machine

And most important:
At least one strong man within earshot. This headboard-thing is tremendously heavy.
Click here for part3 of this DIY … (You can find part 1 here)

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