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The Animated Paper Worlds Of Nancy Liang

29. September 2015

Slowly but surely the days are getting shorter. That means: less sun, more stars. At least for those of us who have the ability to look into the sky beyond a light-polluted city.  Sidney-based illustrator Nancy Liang tells stories about the night through animated pictures. About flickering lights and empty streets. Her work focuses on modern tales that deal with the melancholy of suburban idyll. She represents these subject matters using drawing and kraft paper cutouts arranged in the visual form of a diorama. Every detail is made by hand.

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See more of Nancys work on her Tumblr Over the Moon or on her website.

Please note, that this post is presented  in close collaboration with the featured artist. I will never publish anything without the artist’s permission. All images are provided and copyrighted by Nancy Liang.

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