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Red is the new Green – Fruity Chard-Raspberry Smoothie

4. January 2016

Green smoothies are all the rage. They shall help you loose weight, clear up the skin, fill you up,  replace coffee in the long term, etc. etc. I’m a big smoothie fan as well and often just throw everything in the blender I find in the fridge and/or in our fruit basket at home. Today it’s the ingredients shown above.

And here is the recipe:

Chard-Raspberry Smoothie

Ingredients (for 2-3 people)

4 chard leaves *

1 banana

3 dates

1 handful of frozen raspberries

1 Orange

1 Kiwi

400 ml water

 Wash and/ or peel and chop all ingredients. Put everything into the blender and mix until it’s smooth.
And that’s it! This is some delicious  green red smoothie!
 Chard - Raspberry Smoothie (1)
*Chard is full of vitamins, but contains oxalates, just like spinach. That’s why you shouldn’t eat too much of it unboiled.


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