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“Killing Time” – a Songbook-Illustration for Charity Children & Album Giveaway

26. February 2016

A few months ago I had the privilege of working together with Chloë and Elliott from Charity Children. At that time they were about to finish the work on their new album Fabel and also planned to release a songbook in addition. Together with other artists I was commissioned to illustrate this songbook. The results were 14 unique pictures that accompany 14 different songs drawn by 14 illustrators.
I got the chance of working on the darkest piece of the album. The song Killing Time is about a tragic incident where a little boy accidentally kills his best friend with a gun. Those of you who know my work may have noticed that I have a preference for merging innocence and violence in my pictures.
So that collaboration hit the nail on the head.

The new album of Charity Children is out today (26/02/16). You can purchase Fabel either on CD and/ or download it right here OR get it for free at Art & Almonds.

Because I have a very special giveaway for my dear readers: the album included in a lovely little guestbook.

Charity Children Fabel 1 EN (1)

Charity Children Fabel 1 EN (3)Like a chain letter this book is meant to spread the music of Charity Children throughout the world. You can take the album in any way you want, either download it using a special code or copy it from CD. Afterwards you write a small message into the book and pass it on to a friend. At best the guestbook will get back to the band, containing all the messages that were collected on its journey.

Charity Children Fabel 1 EN (2)If you want to be the one to start the chain, just comment on this post. With a little luck it’s you who finds the book in the mailbox first.

You must be over the age of 18 to enter the giveaway. Closing date is 04/03/2016 (march the 4th) 23:59. The winner will be drawn by lot and notified by email.

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