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“About Meat”- Carnism illustrated

8. November 2017

When I was about five or six years old, my parents went on a shorttrip without me and left me with my grandparents. During the day I played in the yard and in the barn, had a look at the new baby bunnys and fed the chickens with my grandfather. However,as soon as the sun went down, I felt terribly homesick and cried my heart out. Until someone came up with the idea to bring me a little rabbit  to…

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Art Featured Artists

Artist Portrait: Norma Toraya aka CRANKBUNNY

As a big fan of vintage toys and lowbrow art, I fell in love with Norma Torayas paper dolls immediately after I first saw them a couple of years ago. Colorful, high-contrast illustrations which – on top of that – are able to MOVE……

4. July 2016
Art Featured Artists

The Animated Paper Worlds Of Nancy Liang

Slowly but surely the days are getting shorter. That means: less sun, more stars. At least for those of us who have the ability to look into the sky beyond a light-polluted city.  Sidney-based illustrator Nancy Liang tells stories about the night through animated…

29. September 2015