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Artist Portrait: Norma Toraya aka CRANKBUNNY

4. July 2016

As a big fan of vintage toys and lowbrow art, I fell in love with Norma Torayas paper dolls immediately after I first saw them a couple of years ago. Colorful, high-contrast illustrations which – on top of that – are able to MOVE… I can hardly imagine anything that would make my heart beat faster. Let me introduce you the work of Norma aka CRANKBUNNY. The New York artist is definitely someone you would call an all-rounder. She has…

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Art Featured Artists

The Animated Paper Worlds Of Nancy Liang

Slowly but surely the days are getting shorter. That means: less sun, more stars. At least for those of us who have the ability to look into the sky beyond a light-polluted city.  Sidney-based illustrator Nancy Liang tells stories about the night through animated…

29. September 2015